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All-around Improvements (Update Now)

Each of our themes and our Church Content Pro plugin have been updated for a better experience with WordPress 5.8 and PHP 8.

The core Church Content plugin did not need to be updated. Everything was reasonably compatible with WordPress 5.8 and PHP 8 before these updates so we waited a bit to release them after WordPress 5.8 came out in order to run through a list of minor bugs reported by users over the months. There are other improvements such as automatically linked phone numbers.

Please update to the latest version of WordPress, your theme and Church Content Pro by going to Dashboard > Updates. We also recommend using at least version 7.4 of PHP (this can be changed with your web host) which is recommended by WordPress itself for security as older versions are no longer maintained.

Plugin Changes

Theme Changes

Please get in touch if you have questions or need help updating.