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Church Content Plugin Guide

Church Content is a free WordPress plugin providing tools in your admin area for managing sermons, events, people and locations. A compatible theme is required for showing this content on your website.


See Plugin Installation for instructions on installing the Church Content plugin.


The plugin is hosted in the official WordPress plugin directory so one-click updates are available without the need for a license key. You can go to DashboardUpdates to see updates that are available to be installed. Read our Updates guide for more information.

Managing Content

This plugin adds links to your admin menu for managing church-oriented content. See our general guides for how to use these tools.

Note: These guides are tailored to users of our themes. Your theme may differ but the process of adding, editing and deleting sermons, events, etc. should be the same. Be aware that not all themes support every feature of the Church Content plugin.


You can find Official Themes for the Church Content right here on our website.


Add-ons are plugins that add additional features to the Church Content plugin. They improve upon the standard set of features. Visit our Plugins page to view all available add-ons.

This is our philosophy on how to make different types of features available:

  • Essential and minor content management features are part of the free Church Content plugin.
  • Non-essential and complex features for managing content are available as optional add-ons.
  • Appearance-related features including the presentation of content are the territory of themes.


Settings for the Church Content plugin are minimal. Most of your website customization will be done in the theme’s implementation of WordPress’s Customizer feature.

Google Maps API Key

This setting is particularly important if you plan on showing maps for events or locations. See Create a Google Maps API Key for step by step instructions.


The Church Content plugin has been translated into several languages by its users, to whom we are very grateful. To activate a translation, just go to Settings > General and choose the language for your site at the bottom.

If you would like to translate the plugin into another language, read Translating a Plugin.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute your translation for the benefit of other churches.


If you are one of our customers, you can use our contact form to get one-on-one support by email.

If you are not one of our customers, please contact your theme author first. If they are not able to help you, post your question in the plugin’s support forum on WordPress.org.


We invite you to develop your theme using the Church Content plugin. Your theme will be leaner and you will save time by taking advantage of pre-registered post types, taxonomies and custom fields. You will be helping to make it easier for churches to switch themes in the future. Our goal is to save churches the trouble of dealing with theme lock-in. Read the Developer Guide for information on how to use it.


Please see releases on GitHub.