"Very well done"
— Justin Tadlock What They Say

What They Say

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Happy Customers

The response we’ve gotten from the new website is just overwhelming.
David Julian, Music & Arts Pastor

It really offers all the features that a church website would need… It’s also highly cost effective.

Alexander Sawyer, Worship Leader

Your support is fantastic – second to none – I really appreciate your speed and very good advice…
Bren Nixon

Honestly, how much easier could it be?

Phil Schneider, Discipleship Pastor (Review)

Every time I had a question about the set-up process, it was answered within a short amount of time. … I highly recommend…
Michael Dexter (via WordPress.org)

This is an amazing service – great job guys!
Matthew Snider (via Twitter)

WordPress Experts

Experts say this about our development philosophy and Church Content plugin.

Very well done
Justin Tadlock, WordPress.org Plugin Reviewer, author of Professional WordPress Plugin Development

Way to lead by example. I’d love to see more of that.
Chip Bennett, WordPress.org Theme Reviewer

Thank you for doing this right! …I have been very impressed by the thoughtfulness and consideration that went in (and is still going in) to this project.
Tanner Moushey, Web Developer and Worship Leader (via WordPress.org)

10 / 10
Alex Mansfield, Theme Friendly

Church Website Experts

I highly recommend churchthemes.com … offers some of the best set up documentation I have seen.
Brad Vos, Church WP (Review)

Found out about @churchthemes; great @WordPress options for churches!
Stephen Morrissey, Church Web Strategies (via Twitter)

…most importantly, it’s easy to maintain so you can keep your church’s website up to date. I highly recommend it.
Daniel Flucke, Good Church Website (Review)

…a stellar church WordPress theme.
Eric Dye, ChurchMag (Blog Post)

I highly recommend churchthemes.com…

Pastor Mike Morris, FaithEngineer (in blog post)

Imagine a mix between Mister Roger’s clarity and the speed of Iron Man. That’s the support at churchthemes.com.

Daniel Gardner

More Happy Customers

Thanks from Bulgaria for the outstanding support!
Ivaylo Zhelev, Evangelical Methodist Church

These guys do some nice work! Excellent customer service too!

Neal F. Fischer, Director of Communications

…it’s really, really nice. Great job, and good for you moving functions to [the Church Theme Content] plugin. Cam McVey, Church Site Builder (via Twitter)

You’re demonstrating the true power of WP…Your coding style is an inspiration – clean, so well documented, so well thought out!
Gul Murjani, Programmer

Thanks for being so responsive and helpful. Todd Porter (via Twitter)

I’ve been waiting a long time for a purpose built theme for church. Excellent! Pastor Nick Serb, Mount Zion Community Church (via Twitter)

Highly recommended to anyone needing a new church website! mintdave (via WordPress.org)

One of the best themes I’ve used on WordPress. Standards-based, well-documented, and excellent support.  one19 (via WordPress.org)

Thanks for your assistance, I take this opportunity to tell you that your technical support is wonderful.
Pastor Armando Osorio

…offered all that we needed to have a great looking, easy to navigate site. …our church feels good about being able to provide a professional site to visitors.
Cathie DeQuaker, Riverwood Church

Very easy to use and intuitive.
Alexander Koper (via WordPress.org)

…extremely intuitive and was a complete please to use!

Cam Hart (via WordPress.org)

Thanks so much! Love the theme. It’s a huge hit with our congregation.

Dan Odle, Minister of Music

Delighted and impressed with @churchthemes. Solid WP product and excellent philosophy to WP themes functionality and innards. Bravo!

Cortland Coleman (via Twitter)

I really want to commend you all for a fabulous theme. I’ve looked at WordPress themes until my head was spinning, but never found one that really created a custom, professional look. Resurrect is it!
John Craft, Senior Pastor

I saved our church A TON of money by switching to WordPress from a proprietary church cms.
Eric Johnson

Switching our website to church themes and Resurrect has been incredible. We absolutely love it!
Pastor Aaron Mattox

…it was the easiest church website I have ever done. Or any website for that matter.
Ron Cleeton

…we were using another solution and it was 20 times more expensive than this, was very complex and not easy to change….and didn’t even compare to all the awesome features…
Jami Eggleston

Thank you so much for the help you have provided so far, we are very happy with our purchase.
Matt O’Rear

First things first, thanks for the outstanding support you offer to your clients, I really appreciate you take care of all of us very seriously, I thank God for you.
Ernesto Rountri

Everyone in the church is excited about how the site looks and works…Thanks so much for this theme and all your work on churchthemes.com. I’m so glad I found it!
Fiona Dix

People are constantly coming up to me to say how nice it looks, that it’s easy to use, and that they love the variety of content it holds.
Daniel Dray

Just a quick message to say how great this theme is – our website really needed a lift and now a lot of people from our church have told me how useable and great the site it.
Dan Goodwin

…not only stood head and shoulders above the other options, but it far exceeded everything I hoped for.
Lindsay Kennedy

Visitors to our church have complimented how easy it is to find information and navigate around.
Tracey Conner

Not only was the price perfect but the functionality and mobile friendly design is a huge success.
Tex GM Rule

We’ve had great feedback from those within our church and even those not part of a church at all. It is a stylish, yet simple design…
Richard Kidger, Associate Pastor

We’ve been working with the new Exodus theme from @churchthemes and it is great! You can tell they were very intentional with development.
Grace at Work (via Twitter)

They provide great documentation and support, the features are fantastic, and everything just makes sense!
mydigitalseminary (via WordPress.org)

…a first time family came to visit one of our campuses because they saw the site and were blown away.
Joe Mendes (see Interview)

Loving the Exodus theme… It allowed us to really improve some elements on our church website!
Travis Agnew (via Twitter)

The theme is more than I ever could have thought of and it gives the church room to grow.
Liz Doyle

I am loving working with the Exodus theme from @churchthemes! It’s a great theme!
Meg M

Your theme is totally awesome! … Your guides and support article are fantastic!
Edward Cook

Thank you for your quick response and your support. Reassuring to know that there are experts at hand when a complete novice (like me) is using this fantastic platform.
Andrew Sim

This is the absolute best support from a company that I have ever had.
Peter S.

Thanks for an awesome theme and incredible support! We love Exodus…
Evangel Assembly (via Twitter)

The documentation on your website and the support you provide are excellent!
Brad Mills (Comment)

It was so easy to use and set up and looks great… We’ve had lots of good feedback so far.
James Harskamp

…your themes are the best church themes I’ve found.
Nate Morris, Senior Pastor, Calvary Belmar

…you have a super theme and excellent support… It helps us in our mission every day, with excellence.
John Roberts

I really love the theme style and the way it works, never seen such a workable WordPress theme with this quality…
Ruben Van Der Graaf

…we implemented your theme back in the spring and are really happy with the increase in site engagement that we immediately received
Andrew McKechnie

What Others Say

Your WordPress themes are gorgeous.
Joshua Bailey, Lightstock Co-founder

The easy setup process and sample content will appeal to anyone who hasn’t created a site with WordPress before, or who just needs to get a website up and running quickly.
Joe Fylan, aThemes (Review)

This, quite simply, is best in field for WordPress based church websites. The code base is rock solid…
Chris Burgess, Analyst/Programmer (via WordPress.org)

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