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A flexible, minimal church WordPress theme with wide and flat design.

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Exodus is a WordPress theme for building a modern church website. It has a flat design and wide layout. It’s responsive, so while it appears extra wide on desktop computers, it adapts to phone and tablet screens for a mobile-optimized viewing experience. Exodus is easily customizable with no coding or design skill needed and takes full advantage of the WordPress Theme Customizer. This feature lets you see a real-time preview of color, font, logo and other design choices. Build a website that matches your church’s personality.

Like all of our WordPress themes, Exodus has features made for church websites. These include sermons (text, audio and video), events (with monthly calendar, recurrence, categories, maps and directions), locations (show one or multiple), profiles of staff and a listing of ministries. Your church’s sermon archive can be organized by topic, series, book and speaker — and you can podcast too. WordPress itself includes a blog, photo galleries and the ability to create any number of custom pages with the content of your choice (Ministries, Statement of Faith and so on).

Our guides and videos have step by step instructions for building your new church website with the Exodus WordPress theme. Support is available whenever you need help. We love helping churches launch new sites.

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Appearance features


Responsive design makes for a great experience on phones and tablets.


Change the appearance of your site using the Customizer. Preview in real-time.

Add your logo

Upload your logo image or enter text then choose a font and size.

Custom colors

Choose the light or dark color scheme then set your main and link colors.

Custom fonts

Set hand-picked Google Fonts for your menu, headings and main content.

Flat design

Get your church on board the flat design trend for a clean, modern look.

Wide layout

Slides and banners are dramatically wide. Extra space makes reading easier.

Header settings

Choose what shows — search, second menu, latest events, sermons or posts, tagline, custom content, etc.

Dropdown menus

Multi-level dropdowns make it easy for users to navigate. A special menu kicks in for phone users.

High resolution

Exodus takes advantage of high resolution screens such as Retina®.

Content features

Custom homepage

Choose what shows: slides, intro, highlights, and your favorite widgets.


Publish sermons in text, audio, video and PDF formats. Organize by topic, book, series, speaker, tag and date.


Audio podcasting for sermons is built-in. Compatible with iTunes®.


Show events in calendar and list formats. Make them recur weekly, monthly or yearly. Use categories, maps and directions.


Show one or multiple church campuses with service times, map and directions.


Publish staff and leader bios with contact info. Organize by group.


Create ministry pages and list them in one place with the Child Pages template.


Post church news and articles. Give your pastor and staff a place to blog.

Photos and videos

Add photo galleries anywhere. Upload videos or embed from sites like YouTube.

Section banners

Show banners atop different sections (ie. one for sermons, another for events).

Church widgets

Show sidebar widgets for sermons, events, locations, people, photos, giving and more.

Site search

Visitors can search for sermons, events, blog posts, pages and other content.

Sample content

Make your church's site look similar to the demo for an excellent starting point.

Portable content

The Church Content plugin makes switching themes easier.

Making it easy

Made for beginners

WordPress and Exodus are made for regular people — design skill not needed.

Helpful support

Get answers to your questions with private, one-on-one support by email.

One-click updates

Updates for compatibility, bug fixes and new features with one click.

Guides and videos

Step-by-step guides and videos walk you through setup and use.


A guide is included to help you translate Exodus into another language.

Child themeable

Advanced users can modify the code. Filters and actions abound.


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