"Stellar Church WordPress Theme"
— ChurchMag What They Say

Making Renewals Easy

Renewing your theme and plugin licenses used to be a bit of a hassle. You’d get a notice to renew then have to log into your account and re-enter your credit card number before your license expires. We’ve made things a whole lot easier with automatic renewals.

How Automatic Renewal Works

Now when you make a new purchase (or renew an existing license), a subscription is created. This subscription will automatically renew each year so that your access to updates and support doesn’t expire. You’ll receive a reminder email one week before this happens but won’t need to take any action. A confirmation will be emailed when your renewal has been automatically processed. Sit back and relax.

So far, nearly all new theme buyers are leaving auto-renew enabled. If, however, you prefer to renew manually in the old manner, you can log into your account to cancel your subscription at any time (this won’t interrupt your access to updates and support). As in the past, we’ll send you a reminder email with link to make your renewal payment by visiting our website.

In Summary

  • Renewal is automatic for purchases made since October, 2017.
  • Existing customers will receive a notice before expiration with instructions for renewing manually (like usual). Doing so will turn auto-renew on.
  • Auto-renew can be disabled at any time in your account.
  • A discount still applies to all renewals (30%).

Read Automatic Renewal and Pricing for additional information on this topic such as how to update your credit card or cancel a subscription.

Making it Even Easier

As you may know, we’re working on Church Content Pro, a paid add-on for our free Church Content plugin. We intend to release it as part of several subscription plans. You would be able to purchase access to all themes along with the Pro add-on — all in one bundle. These plans would make things easy in several ways. We have not set things in stone yet but here is the gist of it.

  1. Access to all themes makes choosing the right one easy. Try them all with a single purchase.
  2. Instant access to new releases without having to make an additional purchase. It’s part of your plan.
  3. Switch themes without worrying about wasting unused time on your current theme’s license.
  4. No more having to manage multiple license renewals (ie. one for a theme and another for Custom Recurring Events).
  5. Automatic renewal of your plan, as you probably have guessed.
  6. Church Content Pro itself will have features that make managing your website easier.

These plans would be optional. If you’re already using an individually purchased theme, you would be able to stick with it and keep renewing it as usual. If you wanted to switch to one of the new plans then you’d be able to do that too.