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Custom Recurring Events Plugin

Custom Recurring Events

Adds options for custom recurring events such as “every third Tuesday”


This WordPress plugin is an add-on for the Church Content plugin. It saves you time by making it possible to automate more sophisticated event recurrence.

Basic event recurrence is included with the Church Content plugin. You can schedule events to repeat every week, month or year on the same day. But sometimes you need a custom recurrence pattern such as “every two weeks” or “first Wednesday, every three months”. The Custom Recurring Events plugin adds options for situations like these to save you from having to manually move dates forward.

Take a look at the Features and screenshots below to get an idea of what is possible. Also take a peek at the User Guide to get an idea of how you’ll use it.

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Weekly intervals

Make events recur every X weeks. For example, "every 2 weeks" (bi-weekly).

Monthly intervals

Make events recur every X months. For example, quarterly is "every 3 months".

Numeric week of month

Make events recur on the first, second, third or fourth week of the month on the same day of the week. For example, "second Sunday of every month".

Last week of month

Make events recur on the last week of the month on the same day of the week. An example is "every last Saturday".


You can use intervals and week of month together. For example, "Every 2 months on the first Wednesday"

Recurrence descriptions

The events list in your admin area describes the custom recurrence (e.g. "Every 2 weeks until March 18")

Easy to setup

Just activate the plugin to see new recurrence options when adding and editing events.

One-click updates

You receive a license key that enables one-click updates for this plugin.


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