"...highly cost effective."
— Alexander Sawyer What They Say

How to Upgrade

Do more with your church website by upgrading your original purchase at any time. It’s quick and easy to do. Your upgrade price will be prorated to be fair. It will consider what you have already paid and how much time remains on your license. See our Pricing page for what is available to upgrade to.

Steps for Upgrading

  1. Go to your Account Overview.
  2. Click the Upgrade link by your package or license to see prorated pricing.

The license you want to upgrade must be active. If it has expired then you can make a regular purchase.

Upgrade Situations

Here are some situations in which you will benefit from upgrading.

  • Upgrade your Starter Package to the Pro Package to get the Church Content Pro plugin and Premium Support.
  • Upgrade your license for a single theme to a package for all themes (Pro Package and higher also includes the Pro plugin).
  • Upgrade to the Ultimate package to make multiple sites.
  • Upgrade your license for Custom Recurring Events to Church Content Pro (available with the Pro package or by itself). Pro replaces Custom Recurring Events and does more.

Have multiple licenses? Please Contact Us if you’d like to roll multiple licenses into a single package. For example, you may have a license for a theme and a license for a plugin and want to upgrade to the Pro Package. Or, you may have multiple theme licenses for your clients and want to switch to the Ultimate package.