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License Keys

Each purchase includes a one-year license covering one-click updates and support. This license will automatically renew yearly. When allowed to expire, Updates are no longer delivered and support becomes unavailable. Your theme or plugin will continue to function as usual, although you will almost certainly want to continue receiving updates for compatibility with new versions of WordPress and browsers, bug fixes and new features.

Theme License Activation

Activating your license only takes a moment. If you purchased one of our Packages then your license key is the same no matter which of our themes you use.

  1. Copy the license key in your Account.
  2. In WordPress, go to Appearance > Theme License.
  3. Paste your License Key then click Save Key.
  4. Click Activate License (appears after saving key).

You will now receive one-click updates and support for the theme used on your website.

Activate Theme License

Plugin License Activation

If you installed the Church Content Pro add-on, you’ll need to activate your license key for that as well. Doing so will enable one-click updates for the plugin. Note that if you purchased one of our Packages then your license key for Pro is the same as the license key for your theme.

  1. Copy the license key in your Account.
  2. Go to Settings > Church ContentLicenses.
  3. Paste your license key then click  Save Changes.
  4. Click Activate License next to your license key (appears after saving the key).

Activate Plugin License

License Deactivation

You may want to deactivate your license key on one site (such as a development site) in order to begin using it on another site (such as your completed, live website). There are multiple ways to deactivate a license key. Please try these methods in the following order.

  • Log into the old site and go to Appearance > Theme License to deactivate the license key. If you’re deactivating your Pro add-on license, go to SettingsChurch ContentLicenses.
  • Or, log into your Account on our site then click Manage Sites to deactivate the license key for your old site.
  • Or, contact us if you do not have access to the old site or your account.

License Renewal

Each purchase includes one year of updates and support. Licenses normally renew automatically. We recommend renewing your license in order to continue receiving updates for compatibility with new versions of WordPress, bug fixes and other enhancements. Your access to support will also be renewed. Your renewal price is shown in your Account.

Automatic Renewal (Subscription)

To make things easy, purchases include a subscription for automatically renewing your license. You will receive an email reminder before your payment method is charged and can cancel at any time. You do not have to do anything to renew. It is completely automatic for your convenience.

Updating Billing

If your credit card has changed or expired, you may update the details on your subscription by logging into your Account then clicking on Update Billing.

Subscription Cancelation

You may cancel your subscription at any time if you do not want to be charged automatically for renewal. Log into your Account then click Cancel. You will need to use the manual renewal method below if you wish to renew after canceling. Note that your license will not be canceled immediately. It will expire on its original expiration date so you will still have access to support and updates.

Manual Renewal

If you canceled your subscription but the license has not expired yet then you can log into your Account and click Reactivate Subscription. It will then auto-renew before expiring as usual.

If your license has already expired then you can log into your Account and click on the Renew link. This will add one year to your license and create a new subscription so that you don’t have to manually renew again the following year.

Note: The license must be renewed using the same account that purchased it. Please see License Transfer below if you wish to transfer license renewal to another person’s account.

License Upgrades

You can Upgrade Your License to gain access to more themes and features or for usage on more sites. For example, switch from the Starter package to the Pro package or upgrade an old single theme license to one of our Packages for access to all themes. If you’re an agency, you may want to upgrade to an Ultimate package that supports even more sites. Upgrade pricing is prorated.

License Transfer

If you would like to transfer a license to another person’s account so they can handle renewal or manage its site activations then you have a few options. This may be the case if you built a website for a client but they did not purchase their own license or if a person managing the license for a church has moved onto another role elsewhere.

  • Change Account Owner – You may change the name and email address used on your account then provide the new user access. This is a good approach if the account belongs to a church and the billing method on record belongs to the churchContact Us if you also want to change the username.
  • New Account Option 1 – You may cancel your subscription so that it does not auto-renew then instruct the new person to make a new purchase on or after the license expiration date. This is simple and can be practical when the license will expire soon (or if it has already expired).
  • New Account Option 2 – We can give the new user a special link with discount equaling the value of time remaining on your license. They can purchase a new license and create a new account. You can then cancel your subscription so that it does not auto-renew. Contact Us to set this up.

Be aware that with the “New Account” options, the new user will receive a new license key and will need to activate it in their WordPress admin area.

Also see Agency Mode for some tips on how you can better handle license management for clients.

Inactive License Reasons

If your license key will not activate or if it was active before but is now inactive, here are possible reasons.

Incorrect key provided

You can log into your Account to view your license key. Re-enter and save the key then click the activate button again.

License used on other site

A license key can be active on one site at a time (unless you are using the Ultimate package which allows for multiple sites). If you used it on another site (such as a development site), you will need to deactivate it on that site in order to use it on the new site. See License Deactivation for instructions.

If you are building a site for a second church, you will need to make an additional purchase or Upgrade to the Ultimate package.

License has expired

Has it been one year since purchase? Your license may have expired if auto-renew failed or was canceled. To check this, log into your Account to check its status. See License Renewal for instructions on renewing.

Host blocks outgoing connections

If your key is correct and has not been activated on another site but will still not activate, your host may be blocking outgoing connections (from your website to our license key server). Check your hosting control panel for anything like this or ask your web host.

License server is down

This is not likely but possible. In this case, trying again later will work.

Development Sites

It is common to build a site at a development location then move the site to the live location when it is done. Each license can be active on only one website (with the exception of our Ultimate package). You can deactivate the license on your development site before moving it to the live location. That way the license is free to be activated at the new location. Alternatively, you can leave the license inactive while you develop. The site will function as usual (one-click updates will simply not be available).

Agency Mode

If you are an agency or a freelancer building websites for church clients then you may be using an Ultimate Package which conveniently provides you with a single license to use on multiple sites. In this case you won’t want the client to be burdened with information about license renewal (since the license is yours). Neither is it necessary for them to see your license key. Agency Mode is a solution available with the Pro Add-on (included with an Ultimate package).

  • Hides your license key on theme and plugin license screens.
  • Removes “License Expiring Soon” notices.
  • Removes “Renew” buttons.
  • Informs user that Agency Mode is enabled and that you manage the license.
  • User can still see status, expiration and activate/deactivate for their site.
  • Shows message asking user to contact you if ever the license expires.
  • Can be disabled for specific users (ie. enable normal use for you only).

Edit wp-config.php to add the following code (PHP 5.6+ required), updating the arguments as appropriate for your situation. Then, view Appearance > Theme License and Settings > Church Content > Licenses to confirm that it is active. Note that with your username provided in the code, Agency Mode will not appear fully active to you in order that you can manage the license normally.


This code must be placed above the require_once ABSPATH . ‘wp-settings.php’; line or it will have no effect. Agency Mode will work for our Pro add-on and ChurchThemes.com themes. It will not work on third-party theme license screens and notices.

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