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License Keys

Each theme and plugin purchase includes a one-year license covering one-click updates and support for one site. When the license expires, updates are no longer delivered and support becomes unavailable. Your theme or plugin will otherwise continue to function as usual, although you will likely want to continue receiving updates for compatibility with new versions of WordPress, bug fixes and new features.

To make things easy, licenses renew automatically for purchases made since October, 2017.

Theme License Activation

Watch this video for a visual guide to activating your theme license or follow the written instructions below.

Activating your license only takes a moment.

  1. Copy the license key from your receipt or Log In and go to Orders to find the key.
  2. In WordPress, go to Appearance > Theme License.
  3. Paste your License Key then click Save Key.
  4. Click Activate License (appears after saving key).

You will now receive one-click updates and support for the theme used on your website.

Activate Theme License

Plugin License Activation

If you installed one of our plugins that is an add-on for the Church Content plugin, you’ll need to activate your license key. This will enable one-click updates for the plugin.

  1. Copy the license key from your receipt or Log In and go to Orders to find the key.
  2. Go to Settings > Church ContentAdd-on Licenses.
  3. Paste your license key then click  Save Changes.
  4. Click Activate License next to your license key (appears after saving the key).

License Deactivation

You may want to deactivate your license key on one site (such as a development site) in order to begin using it on another site (such as your completed site). There are multiple ways to deactivate a license key. Please try these methods in the following order.

  • Log into the old site and go to Appearance > Theme License to deactivate the license key. If you’re deactivating an add-on plugin license, go to SettingsChurch ContentAdd-on License.
  • Or, log into your Account on our site then go to Orders. Click Licenses / Sites by your order then click Manage Sites to deactivate the license key for your old site.
  • Or, contact us if you do not have access to the old site or your account.

License Renewal

Each theme and plugin purchase includes one year of updates and support. We recommend renewing your license before expiration in order to continue receiving updates for compatibility with new versions of WordPress, bug fixes and other enhancements. Your access to support will also be renewed. Please see Pricing for renewals.

Automatic Renewal (Subscription)

To make things easy, purchases made since October, 2017 include a subscription for automatically renewing your license. You will receive an email reminder before your payment method is charged and can cancel at any time. You do not have to do anything to renew. It is completely automatic for your convenience.

Updating Payment

If your credit card has changed or expired, you may update the details on your subscription by logging into your account then going to SubscriptionsPayment Method.

Subscription Cancelation

You may cancel your subscription at any time if you do not want to be charged automatically for renewal. Log into your account then go to Subscriptions > Cancel to do this. You will need to use the manual renewal method below if you wish to renew after canceling. Note that your license will not be immediately canceled. It will expire on its original expiration date so you will still have access to support and updates.

Manual Renewal

If you purchased before October, 2017 or canceled your subscription, you will need to manually renew your license. Doing so will create a new subscription so that you do not have to manually renew the following year. The license can be renewed by the person who made the purchase or the site owner (in the case that somebody built the site for your church). You can renew in multiple ways:

  • Enter your license key on the Renewal page.
  • Or, log into your WordPress site then go to Appearance > Theme License and click the renew button. If you are renewing an add-on plugin license, go to Settings > Church Content > Add-on Licenses.
  • Or, log into your Account then go to Orders and click on Licenses / Sites by your order.
  • An email with renewal link is sent to the purchaser one month prior to expiration.

If somebody purchased the theme or plugin for your church and you want to receive the renewal reminder email, you can have them ask us to move the license from their account to yours.

Inactive License Reasons

If your license key will not activate or if it was active before but is now inactive, here are possible reasons.

Incorrect key provided

You can log into your Account and go to Orders then click on Licenses / Sites to view your license key. Re-enter and save the key then click the activate button again.

License used on other site

A license key can be active on one site at a time. If you used it on another site (such as a development site), you will need to deactivate it on that site in order to use it on the new site. See License Deactivation for instructions.

If you are building a site for a second church, you will need to make an additional purchase.

License has expired

Has it been one year since purchase? To check this, log into your Account and go to Orders then click License / Sites by your order. See License Renewal for instructions on renewing.

Host blocks outgoing connections

If your key is correct and has not been activated on another site but will still not activate, your host may be blocking outgoing connections (from your website to our license key server). Check your hosting control panel for anything like this or ask your web host.

License server is down

This is not likely but possible. In this case, trying again later will work.

Development Sites

It is common to build a site at a development location then move the site to the live location when it is done. Each license can be active on only one website. You can deactivate the license on your development site before moving it to the live location. That way the license is free to be activated at the new location. Alternatively, you can leave the license inactive while you develop. The site will function as usual (one-click updates will simply not be available).

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