"...highly cost effective."
— Alexander Sawyer What They Say



Just ChurchThemes.com. That’s all our company is focused on now.

ChurchThemes.com has been a part of DreamDolphin Media, LLC since we launched the theme shop in 2013. DreamDolphin Media itself was started long ago in 2002. We’ve tackled a lot of projects over the years. In fact, I looked back at our records and saw that we have registered more than 100 domain names in 17 years.

We’ve renamed the company to ChurchThemes.com, LLC after spending the last couple years unloading other projects. We’re focused. Easy church websites with WordPress. That’s it.

A Wide Range

One of our more notable projects has been Personality Max (spun off into its own company). Others were HostingReviews.io and Pro Plugin Directory (both sold). You may remember WP Church Host (shut down after Pressed was acquired). Other projects involved bed and breakfasts, digital artwork and storm chasing. We even dabbled in vegan recipes.

I used to think more is more, that varied streams of revenue was better for a company. In some ways that approach does have its advantages, but nothing will go too far when everything is spread too thin. It’s probably not the best approach for most small companies.

Less is More

…do one thing and do it well.

Doug McIlroy

ChurchThemes.com has been our most important project. It quickly grew into our biggest after launching and is still growing. The future of WordPress is very bright with WordPress 5.0’s introduction of Gutenberg.

Developing themes and plugins has become more complex, so we need to focus in order to continue bringing you high quality church website solutions. That is exactly what we’re going to do. That’s why less is more for a company trying to do one thing and do it well.


You can expect a new theme in the coming months. Then, we’ll give Gutenberg’s capabilities a thorough look in order to determine how to make WordPress even easier and more flexible for churches. Possibilities include page building and the ability to add church content anywhere (e.g. adding specific events to a ministry’s page).

Thank you to all who have used our themes and plugins over the years. Your encouragement and ideas drive us. Onward…

2020 Update

This article was first published in 2019. I am personally detached from the Personality Max project at this point, having sold the website and dissolving the company. We have also started work on a sermons plugin that will work with virtually any WordPress. Our focus is getting tighter: on sermons, because that is the one unique aspect of a church website. Please read our vision for WP Sermons.

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash