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— Brad Vos What They Say

Free Web Hosting for Churches

We just ruled out the possibility of offering a package that bundles web hosting with our themes and plugins. It would have made things easier, but the cost would have been outside of most church’s budgets. We’re sticking to our recommendation of SiteGround (also recommended by WordPress.org). Let me get to the point, though…

There is free web hosting for churches! Yes, totally free. It’s little-known and we often forget so here’s a quick post to share these options with you.

Flock Hosting – This is a Christian-owned operation. The owner felt led to offer free hosting to churches. The hosting uses cPanel (which most hosts do) so you’ll have a decent set of features and WordPress will work fine.

Dreamhost for Non-profits – This is a major host that generously host’s US-based non-profits for free. This includes churches that can present a 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS. Dreamhost has their own proprietary control panel.

Should you use a free host? It depends. If you can pay for hosting, do pay for hosting. I say that mainly because having some “skin in the game” will go some way towards ensuring that the service your receive is what it should be. However, if your church only needs basic hosting and is in a crunch then give these free WordPress hosting plans a try.

See Church Web Hosting Rated and Ranked for a list of hosts that our customers use.