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Saved Church WordPress Theme

There’s nothing more exciting for us than to launch a new WordPress theme for churches. We quietly released Saved last week and are making the big announcement today. This is hands-down our most sophisticated WordPress theme — yet it’s as easy to use as our existing line of themes. To make things even sweeter, we’re also offering a 25% discount to the first users (expired).

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A Smarter Homepage for Your Church Website

What stands out most about Saved is its homepage. As user habits change so must your church’s website.

Today’s users scroll for information so sliders are out and long homepages are in. Our last theme, Maranatha, takes this into consideration by letting you add section widgets to the homepage and has been very popular. With Saved, you can use any widget on the homepage! This lets you create a very custom homepage for your new church website.

More Great Features in Saved

Saved has all the same content features of our other themes for sermons, events and so on. Here’s a taste of what’s unique to our new theme.

  • Widget-based homepage builder using native WordPress features
  • Use any widget on the homepage, many with custom appearance settings
  • Real-time preview for homepage creation in the WordPress Customizer
  • No complicated or expensive page builder plugin needed
  • Automated pro design — colors, font sizes, images, columns, etc. auto-adjust
  • A more current social icon font is used (we plan to update earlier themes)
  • Two-level footer menu — a first for our themes
  • Customization options for all-caps headings, accent lines, etc.
  • Menu highlights — make any top-level stand out like “New Here” in the demo
  • Video background, image or color when choose to use Section widget at top
  • Sermon, event and other archives use an elegant summary card grid
  • Subtle animations effects “wow” visitors on load and scroll (can be disabled)

Save 25% on Saved Today

Note: This offer has expired.

We’re giving you a 25% discount on Saved through Friday, August 4th. The regular price is $129. Your price today is only $96. The discount is automatically applied.

Tell us what you think. Are you excited to build a new church website with Saved?


  1. I love the new theme, Steven! Just wondering specifically if the Risen theme moves well? Obviously, not a coder so will need ease of handling. Thanks so much!
    Jeri Russell

    • I’m glad you like it! Risen was made before our Church Theme Content plugin, which all of the themes sold directly on churchthemes.com use. So, unfortunately, the sermons, events, etc. will not transfer over seamlessly (posts and pages will). You would need to re-add them manually or try using a post type converter plugin to help reduce some of the manual work.

      Once you’re on a theme using the Church Theme Content plugin then switching themes again in the future will be much easier (see my reply to Bob above).

      If you have additional questions, just let us know and we’ll help.

  2. Hi Steve

    Is it possible to apply the unused portion of our Maranatha license over to Saved—like you offered when we switched from Resurrect to Maranatha in the middle of our license period?

    • Certainly, just submit a support request after you purchase and we’ll do that. Thank you for deciding to use Saved and for having used our other themes. We appreciate your business!

  3. Hi Steve;
    I would like to look at purchasing the new site and transferring from Maranatha, is there a way that I can do that while still retaining the Maranatha site until the new Saved site is ready?

    • Hi Edi,

      Thanks for thinking of using Saved. Here are a few options:

      1. Create a temporary site at yourname.com/new. Import the contents from your live site (or make a complete copy with the Duplicator plugin) then switch to Saved. Move it back to yourname.com when you’re done (Duplicator can help with that too – free plugin).

      2. Use the Local app from Flywheel or DesktopServer (both free) to do something similar on your own computer.

      3. Easiest is if your host has a staging feature. It would let you click a button to make a copy of your site that you can edit. When done, you’d click a button to copy the new site over the live site. We have a staging feature in beta at WP Church Host.

      Please let us know if you have other questions.

      • Thanks Steve, just one more question if thats ok.

        As Maranatha and Saved are similar in their respective scrolling feature and as both support the Section widgets, if I simply switch themes would it initially appear much different?
        Would the site need to be down or offline to make the feature adjustments?

        I only ask because the idea of making a copy seems like a lot more work.

        Thanks again.

        • I’m happy to answer any questions you have. :)

          Your CT Section widgets will be retained and so will your footer widgets. You’ll probably need to make just a few tweaks here and there (section height, for example) to get the homepage looking how you want but Saved does support those same widget areas and widgets. You should not need to re-add them from scratch.

          Be sure to run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to generate images in sizes that Saved uses.

          Please open a support request if you need any help switching.

  4. Hi! we are considering updating our site from the Exodus theme. I really like the Maranatha theme and the look of the “parallax” scrolling homepage. But some of the features in the new Saved theme are great! Is it possible to use this theme but make it look more like Maranatha in that respect? Thanks!

    • Thank you for using Exodus and considering our newer themes. Saved used Maranatha as its starting point so it is similar. You could say it’s Maranatha on steroids. Maranatha supports only Section widgets on the homepage. Saved supports Section widgets plus any other widget but you can use only Section widgets if you wish.

      The font weights and styling are somewhat different (a bit heaver) but you can choose the same fonts and colors. The layout on inner pages is almost identical to Maranatha. Here’s an example showing how close I could make Saved look to Maranatha using the Customizer settings.

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