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Church Websites: Beautiful and Effective (42 Examples)

Church Websites

Church websites should be well-designed and effective. There is no need to discuss the importance of having a great church website. This is an element that can significantly help your church reach more people. Many people will not visit your church without first checking your website. These days it is a church’s website that acts as the front door so you must ensure that your website will help people enter your real door.

In this article, we are showcasing 42 of the best church websites. We link to each church’s website, show a screenshot and provide a short analysis to point out what is excellent. Take a look at this compilation as a source of inspiration and to learn more about how to make your church website beautiful and effective.

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Church Websites with Video on Homepage

It has become popular for church websites to show a video in the homepage’s background. This creates a dramatic effect and can help convey the personality of your church to the viewer. Here are examples of church websites that pull this off very well. Read our Video Background Tips if you will be doing this.

Church of the Good Shepherd

Church of the Good Shepherd Website

Church of the Good Shepherd’s website has a good example of homepage video done well. Their tagline says “Real People” and that’s just what they show in their video, which starts with a drone fly-over of the church exterior then takes you inside to show what church attenders are doing. This church website was build using our Saved WordPress theme and Church Content plugin.

Sonship Bay Ridge

Sonship Church Website

Sonship is a Christ-centered church in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Their website, using our Maranatha WordPress theme, is elegantly crafted with carefully chosen fonts. It has a minimalist air to it with an excellent selection of photography. The homepage sports a background video which sets the vibe for the visitor’s experience. The site also makes the location and service time immediately clear on a Google Map.

Friendship Community Church

Friendship Church Website

Shiloh Community Church recently re-launched their church’s website with our new Saved WordPress theme. They did an excellent job with the video on their homepage. It’s subtle enough not to distract from the welcome message and call to action buttons but interesting enough to give the visitor an instant feel for what visiting their church will be like.

Elevation Church

Elevation Church Website

Who doesn’t know Elevation? They are doing a lot of great stuff in all the areas of the church. Their website is no different!

The website is really clean and simple. The main navigation consists of six items which is incredible when you think about all that is going on there. There is a full-screen GIF instead of video which helps load the site super fast and makes it unique with the low-res effect it has. If you want to dig deeper into what they are up to, click the hamburger menu for more.

Next Level Church

Next Level Church Website

Next Level Church’s website opens with a fast-paced video. Normally we suggest a slow video but this video has been captured and edited in a way that it works running by you quickly. It says something about the energy of the church. We like the “I’m New” and “Messages” call to action buttons shown direct-center on the homepage.

Radiant Church

Radiant Church's Website

We love the huge logo when you enter the site which then scales down in the sticky menu. The homepage is enthusiastic and welcoming with a stunning video showing church life. The main navigation with a list of only five items is a great and the hamburger menu with has a truly great and clean design. The entire layout is beautiful and the colors are simple.

Calvary Chapel Chattanooga

Calvary Chapel Chattanooga Website

There are a lot of good things that can be said about this WordPress-powered church website. The design is simple and clear. The typography is subtle and there is a consistent color scheme all over the website. The structure is extraordinary. Having just four items in the main navigation you can still easily find all necessary information. Such a great site and truly deserves an extensive review.

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Westside Family Church

Westside Family Church Website

You might think that it is just another church website which is clean and simple. There is one thing that really stands out which we don’t see that often – an online chat. We tested it and on Saturday got a response within 30 minutes (emailed to us). Then we asked for more details and they told us they get about 5-10 messages per day and in working hours they answer within a few minutes. Imagine how much engagement it can create for your church.

KingsGate Community Church

Kingsgate Church Website

The first thing you will most likely notice is a modern and colorful logo. The website makes a great use of photos and we also enjoy really large and bold headings for reach page with a scroll-down button. There is a great welcome video on the homepage which helps you feel the overall atmosphere of the church.

Very Unique Church Websites

We researched a great number of church websites for this article then narrowed it down to the best 42. Of those forty, these few stood out to us as the most unique examples.

Southside Baptist Church

Southside Baptist Church Website

Southside Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL has leveraged the Jubilee WordPress theme to its fullest potential. This church’s website is utterly modern with a fine selection of photography and excellent choices in typography. The website has a real “with it” feel. We love the contrast between the traditional architecture of their building and the contemporary design of their website. Very unique.

Hamar Frikirke

Hamar Frikirke Church Website

This site belongs to a church in Norway and uses the Jubilee WordPress theme. It shows off organic shapes (irregularly rounded images) which is a popular thing to do lately. The header also has an organic wave to it. They have done very well with their photography which captures and projects the atmosphere of their church in a pleasant way.

Flatirons Community Church

Flatirons Community Church

Here is the first website on the list with the menu that slides in from the left. It is unmissable which is great and easy to navigate. There are many animations applied to the website which work great and aren’t overwhelming. We also like the consistent use of colors and their logo. This is a great example of a dynamic website that you will want to explore.

Valley Creek

Valley Creek Church Website

The idea of a massive menu with a small number of items just when you visit is great. We love the visual style of the website and some cool infographics that show the church life and growth paths. Service times for each location on that appear on hover on the homepage are a good idea because for many users it might reduce the number of clicks if the only info they need is the time which might be the case.

Trinity Church London

Trinity Church Wesbite

Trinity Church’s website is very colorful. We like the way the content is arranged on the homepage. The menu is large and visible but at the same time very short with four items only. The “About” page has a fun visual menu. The idea of listing the upcoming events in the sidebar is great since it isn’t intrusive at all.

Bayside Church

Bayside Church's Website

This is another website with a huge menu which looks great. There is an easy redirect to each campus websites, each of which is nicely designed with a very clean above the fold sections. We also appreciate the structure on the homepage that describes the church since it applies a column layout in a bit of an unconventional way, which is eye-catching.

Legacy Church

Legacy Church's Website

Legacy Church’s website uses a lot of shapes which make the website experience more dynamic. There is much content for each section but menus in the left sidebar help with easy navigation. This is also one of a few websites with a pastor’s blog that is updated every single week. Kudos to their pastor for that effort.

Church Websites with Excellent Typography

These church websites exhibit above average use of typography. That is to say, they have carefully chosen and matched fonts, tweaked to perfection in terms of size, weight, style and placement — for maximum impact. Let this teach you that there is more to a beautiful website than professional quality photography. Don’t underestimate the value of skillfully arranged typography, especially in conjunction with well-chosen photos.

The Summit Church

The Summit Church's Website

The Summit Church meets in nine locations and utilizes the both typography and photos well. Their main menu is only three elements which is minimalist navigation at it’s best. This makes it very easy for the user to start digging in for information. In addition to that is a hamburger menu which opens up the complete list of options to explore when ready.

The contact information is easy to find which also helps. Read Content Your Church Website Must Have for more on this and other things that are critical for your website. Users need to be able to find certain things on your church’s website within seconds or they are at risk of leaving before giving you a real look.

Enjoy Church

Enjoy Church Website Example

The welcome screen for Enjoy Church is excellent with the heading perfectly matching the video. You can easily feel that if you come to this church you won’t be alone. The colors are well matched and the gradients in both texts and backgrounds look great. Very nice typography.

The Father’s House

The Father's House - Church Website

This is one of a few websites on the list with one-page design of the homepage. The texts are short and meaningful so the homepage content is easy to digest which helps the visitor quickly learn about the church. There are quality photos with a cool parallax effect on the homepage. There is also a secondary menu with more info for those interested in further discovery.

All Nations Church

All Nations Church Website

The All Nations Church website is minimal, with subtle background imagery. It’s an elegant website. It uses the exceedingly popular Roboto font by Christian Robertson via Google Fonts. This font along with other Google Fonts is available for use with the Maranatha WordPress theme for churches (used by the All Nations Church website). We love how this church has managed to keep things very simple, which is easier said than done.


Oasis - Church Website Example

Very different from the last example but also having great use of typography, is the Oasis Church’s website. It is simple and very well-designed. They have one of the best “About Us” pages we’ve seen. You need to go there and check out how they present their values and beliefs. The way it’s done makes you click and find more which is unusual for such amounts of text.

Arise Church

Arise Website

One of the things that is really great about this church website is that there is good text to photos ratio. The website is very visual and easy to navigate with a hamburger menu which slides the pages available. Even though there is a lot going on in, it is easy to find information on the website.

Bethel Church

Bethel Church Website

For the amount of great content they create and the influence Bethel has, the website is a great example of storytelling. It is well designed and every aspect of church life is easy to find. Their website presents their global impact in a unique way with short texts and beautiful photos.

Church Websites with a Long Homepage

Long homepages are popular. In the “old days”, it was common to shove everything important at the very top of your homepage. The thinking was that users don’t scroll. Today’s users do scroll. You can probably thank the proliferation of mobile devices for this. To go along with this scrolling habit, websites now tend to have very long homepages that read like brochures. Here are some shining examples of church websites that do this.

High Pointe Church

High Pointe Church Website

High Point Church has gone bold with heavy heading fonts, dark coloring and vibrant imagery. Their website uses our Saved WordPress theme for its design. The Saved theme provides a real-time homepage builder specially suited to long, beautiful, informative homepages. Their website also uses our Church Content plugin for sermons, events and other church-focused content.

Kitchener Baptist Church

Kitchener Baptist Church Site

This church’s website achieves a modern look with a classic feel. Like Hamar Frikirke (above), they chose the Jubilee church theme for WordPress but are using square shapes instead of organic shapes. There is a map front and center plus “next step” tiles laid out on the homepage to direct users to plan their visit, watch sermons, give and so on. This is an effective church website.

Kingdom Life

Kingdom Life's Church Website

Kingdom Life’s website has a simple and clean design with a lot of custom icons in the background. An interesting element is that different sections of the website have different color schemes when you visit. It is a very memorable element of the website. The page with the sermon archive is great with a clean list of talks and a short description of each.

Northside Church

Northside Church - Website

The welcome picture on Northside Church’s website is really enthusiastic. There is a map on the homepage just below the fold which is great and makes the church very easy to find for the visitors. Another great aspect of this website is a button just below the map which takes you to the page which helps you find all the necessary information for a new visitor. And “I’m New” is also the first element in the menu. That is worth emulating.

Harvest Bible Chapel

Harvest Bible Chapel Website

We love simple design of this church’s website with bold headings and a great use of colors. One of the main goals for potential visitors is to quickly find out where to go, so Harvest Bible Chapel has a button in the header. Going to any page on the website opens up an additional menu with links to all the campuses.

Trinity Hills

Trinity Hills Church Website

Trinity Hills has consistent colors all over the website. The event section is really usable, providing the necessary information about the event just below the banners. What makes that section even better are “Directions” buttons for each event which open up Google Maps for the visitor to enter their own address. This website is using WordPress with the Maranatha theme that we created for any church to use in a custom manner.

Red Rocks Church

Red Rocks Church Website

Red Rocks Church makes really good use of color for a memorable and consistent feel. The navigation is well-executed. We love the “Stories” page with great quality videos that help you connect with real stories of church members.

College Park Church

College Park Church Website

This website is really well-designed and unique. The rotated welcome text on the homepage scales great even in high resolutions because it isn’t just a graphic. One of the things you don’t see that often is a prayer wall which you can find when you click the hamburger menu on this website. The greatest thing about it is the button that you can click when you pray which counts the prayers. It makes the prayer wall really engaging and makes you want to pray for others more.

Shirelive Church

Shirelive - Church Website Screenshot

Shirelive Church takes things to a new level. When you visit the website, one of the first small things that seem inconspicuous is a little coffee mug in the main navigation. When you click it, you land on a page with a list of favorite coffee shops. It is such a unique idea and could possible help with local SEO.

City First Church

City First Church Website

The design quality of City First Church’s website is exceptional. The header of the homepage is really dynamic with a centered welcome and clear call to action for new visitors. The hamburger menu is incredible. There are a lot of items but the fact that there is a short description next to each gives you a chance to learn a lot by quick skimming. We love it.

Trinity Fellowship

Trinity Fellowship

The header of Trinity Fellowship’s homepage has a large welcome message. The photo there isn’t full screen which we like because it leaves some space and quickly shows the visitor there is more to explore below the fold. We like the way menu is structured and the “Find community” button which serves as the primary call to action. Having a clear call to action directs as many users as possible to the most important places with as little delay as possible.

More of the Best Church Websites

We’re not done yet. Here are more well-made church websites that don’t fit squarely into the categories above but that are still worth looking at for inspiration.

Abundant Grace Church of Boston

Abundant Grace Church Website

The soft imagery on Abundant Grace Church of Boston’s website really satisfies. If they’re going for a warm and tranquil mood, they’ve achieved it. The font combination is nicely done, successfully blending traditional and contemporary elements. Immediately they’ve made it clear that they’re in Boston, that they meet at 10:30 am on Sunday and that they can be found in Brighton at Oak Square. This is exactly the information a visitor is looking for.

The Abundant Grace church website uses our Maranatha WordPress theme.

Escondido Christian Center

Escondido Christian Center

Escondido Christian Center’s header on the homepage is a beautiful graphic with the sermon series and social media links to help the visitor stay connected. This is one of a few websites with a pastor’s blog which is updated on a weekly basis which proves how the church values this online form of communication. The entire site is visual and sparse in text which keeps the attention of the visitor.

Glad Tidings Church

Glad Tidings Church Website

Glad Tidings totally understands how important it is that people connect to others. The very first thing you will be blown away with is the way they use social proof in the form of a slider with short testimonies. We’re not big fans of sliders in general but this is a case in which it works well. There are photos of church members and links to their stories which helps visitors connect.

Quest Church

40 Quest Church Website

Quest Church does a great job utilizing our Exodus WordPress theme. It’s clean and you can find the necessary information right on the homepage. The way the church uses its name in the navigation is clever.

AOG Central

AOG Central Church Website

AOG Central welcomes the visitor with a user-centered headline. The website’s design is clear and it loads quickly. There are useful calls to action all over the website, both in the header section as well as in just above the footer. The main navigation is simple and the additional menus for each section help you find relevant information easily. The photos of the local area are a great asset.

Biltmore Church

Biltmore Church Website Screenshot

Biltmore Church’s website has a really functional mega-menu. When you hover over a navigation element it opens up a list of items with a very clear heading on the left. That helps you explore a lot about what is going on in the church without leaving the homepage. Give it a look.

Lake Pointe

Lake Pointe Church Website

It’s somewhat unusual for a church website to use tiles in the design but Lake Pointe does it very well on their homepage. We like the way the tiles present what the church values. We’d like to see more church websites use an approach like this. Perhaps we’ll design a WordPress theme utilizing tiles. Please post a comment if that’s something you’d be interested in.

River Valley Church

River Valley Church Website

This is a well-designed website with a short and really clean navigation which easily grabs the attention of a visitor.  We like the sub-menus which you can find on each page. The homepage helps you get the basic information about what’s going on in the church.

Traders Point Christian Church

Traders Point Church Website

On the homepage of Trader Point Church Church’s website are “Plan a visit” and “Find a group” buttons which make the navigation process smooth and easy. The highlighted menu items are great hints on what they want the visitors to do and help your decision-making process.

Tell Us What You Like

Sometimes you might feel some of the church websites are similar. Yet the chances that people in your local community have visited enough church website to even think of comparing them is unlikely. Make sure you implement some of the best ideas and see how they help you reach more people and share the Gospel with them. You can use a church WordPress theme for a head start on a redesign.

Now tell us what you think. Which are your favorites? Do you know of any great church websites we should add? Tell us what you like so we can design even better WordPress themes for your church.

Initial research and writing contributed by TechChurch.co. This article is updated from time to time to keep the inspiration fresh. We’ll update it again when we’re done making the best sermons plugin for WordPress, which will open up even more opportunities for great church websites.


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