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Custom Recurring Events 1.0

Custom Recurring Events Add-on

We’re excited to announce that the Custom Recurring Events plugin is now available. This is our first add-on for the Church Theme Content plugin.

What exists right now without this add-on are basic recurrence options for weekly, monthly and yearly. We’ve had many requests for “every X weeks” (bi-weekly, in particular) and the ability to make events recur on a particular week of the month, like “every second Wednesday”. The purpose of this add-on is to meet needs like these in order to save you time (ie. not having to manually move dates forward).

Learn more about this add-on and see screenshots on its details page:

Custom Recurring Events – $29

Be sure to update to Church Theme Content 1.2 which is required for Custom Recurring Events to work.

We’re halfway through our current efforts to improve events. Precise time fields were released with yesterday’s update and Custom Recurring Events is now ready. We will be moving onto adding event categories to the Church Theme Content plugin and a monthly calendar template to all themes (this being a very requested feature).

Please let us know how Custom Recurring Events works for you and, as always, we’re listening — so share your suggestions for more improvements. These improvements are a direct result of customers making their needs known, so we thank you for talking to us.


  1. Wonderful! This is GREAT news! This is a very important addition that I’m sure all churches will appreciate! Kudos!

    • Thanks Shade. This was probably the most requested feature apart from a monthly calendar template. These two features will actually share some code (as far as projecting dates in the future) which is why we’re working on them at the same time.

  2. Thank you so much for the plug-in, it does indeed make life easier.
    I’m looking forward to the calendar, that’s another great need, especially for a newsletter link.
    One small disappointment, I’d have liked to be able to add eg 1st AND 3rd Sundays, instead of adding them in separately.

    • You’re very welcome. Thank you for using it. I’m happy to hear that it makes things easier for you. I’ve noted your suggestion to add options for choosing multiple weeks in a month for one event. Thank you for letting us know what would make it better.

  3. Thanks so much for the updates. We will do an analysis as to whether we need the new plugin, but even the changes you have made to the basic event entry is already helping us out (ie ordering of the events based on the new time fields).

  4. I just put a comment in with a suggestion, but I’ll add it here too.

    I would like to be able to have an event that is recurring, but put in custom dates. We have a number of events that are recurring, but aren’t on set days. I’d like to be able to add multiple dates to an event.

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