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Church Content Plugin 1.8 – New Name

Church Content plugin version 1.8 has been released.

Wait, what’s the Church Content plugin? It is the plugin formerly known as “Church Theme Content” that our themes use. Over the years, we’ve seen the plugin called all kinds of things so we decided to simplify the name. The way it works has not changed, just the name – although there are other improvements in this release.

To update, go to Dashboard > Update. It only takes a few clicks.

What’s New

General Improvements

  • Change name to “Church Content” from “Church Theme Content”.
  • Make “At a Glance” on the Dashboard show counts for sermons, events, people and locations.
  • Change “View Posts” in admin bar to “View Sermons”, “View Events”, etc. as appropriate.
  • Make add-on license notices use the same colors as theme license notices for better uniformity.
  • Include improved Swedish translation by Ola Christensson.
  • Add Norwegian / Nynorsk (nn_NO) translation by Jostein Fauske.

Under the Hood (for those who care)

  • Enable REST API by default for all post types.
  • Add prevent_wporg_plugin_update() to prevent add-on plugins using EDD Software Licensing from being replaced by same-named plugins on WordPress.org
  • Update EDD Software Licensing plugin updater class for add-ons
  • Update CT Meta Box and CT Plugin Settings submodules
  • Use version_compare in language loading
  • Correct wp_kses / printf nesting on Google Maps API notice
  • Change license string to “GPLv2 or later” so GPLv3 code can be used – same as WordPress core

Developers:  Nothing has changed but the public name. You can keep using the same church-theme-content and ctc strings. Please update any references you make to the plugin’s name or URL.

What’s Next

There is one other reason we renamed the plugin. We are working on a new add-on called Church Content Pro. Do you agree that this sounds better than “Church Theme Content Pro”? This add-on will include everything from the Custom Recurring Events add-on and more. For simplicity, we decided that instead of making multiple small add-ons (our original plan), we’ll just have one “Pro” version.

We’ll be releasing minor updates to all themes next then turn our attention to Church Content Pro.