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Theme Updates for WordPress 4.9 Compatibility

WordPress 4.9

WordPress 4.9 has been released. We tested all of our themes and plugins with it before its public release and identified a couple of issues that needed to be addressed. As such, we released updates for all of our themes to keep things running smoothly on your church’s website. The Church Content plugin does not need an update as it is already compatible with WordPress 4.9.

How to Update

We recommend that all users update their theme and WordPress. You can update by going to Dashboard > Updates in your WordPress admin area.

What’s Changed

The main thing that has changed is that WordPress updated its audio/video player and that has required us to update the styling in our themes for the player. You’ll want to update your theme to get this styling adjustment. Without it, uploaded audio sermons with WordPress 4.9 will have an odd appearance.

All Themes

  • Adjusted styling to accommodate WordPress 4.9’s updated audio/video player (compatibility).
  • Prevented errors when live previewing theme in Customizer and when switching themes (compatibility).
  • Updated framework to 2.2.2 (including changes in 2.2 and 2.2.1).
  • Updated language files.

Saved Only

  • Corrected misplaced heading accents in content editor with WordPress 4.9 (compatibility).

Exodus Only

  • Moved Additional CSS in Customizer to bottom.

New Versions

The latest version of each theme is listed below.

Stay Updated

We recommend that you always run the latest version of your theme, all plugins and WordPress itself for the best compatibility, stability and security — if not for new features and improvements.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these updates.


  1. Not sure if this is related, but after updating I went to add a featured image of a Person. but the featured image loads a 200×200, and there is no option to change that. The actual file is 720x480px as specified in the saved theme. But the file loading is 200×200 version.

    > see Dan Carleton’s pic

    It’s adding the pic URL as:

    Notice the resize added to the URL.

    • Hi Dan,

      It looks like you are using a plugin that is adding this to the image URL: ?zoom=2&resize=200%2C200. That must be forcing the wrong size to be used. Try deactivating your plugins to confirm this then re-activate the one at a time to see which is the cause. It may have settings to change this behavior.

      Please open a support request at https://churchthemes.com/contact/ if you have other questions.

      Thank you.

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