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Event Calendar Newsletter + Church Content Plugin

Event Calendar Newsletter is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to share about events via your newsletter. It eliminates the need to copy and paste event details from your calendar into Mailchimp or your mailing list provider of choice. The plugin’s automation also reduces the risk of typos, something anybody who’s prepared a newsletter has fretted over.

Brian Hogg, developer of Event Calendar Newsletter, recently integrated our Church Content plugin with it. What this means is that churches using our plugin for events can very easily send out newsletters with details of upcoming events. Brian produced a video showing you exactly how this works. Have a look.

Don’t have a church email newsletter? You may want to consider setting one up. Newsletters are very often more effective than social media. Here are two articles on why you should have a newsletter and how to squeeze the most out of it.

Your turn. Tell us in a comment how your church uses its newsletter…


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