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Theme Preview: Exodus, with Wide and Flat Design

Update: Exodus is now available.

Development of our next WordPress theme is underway. We’re calling it Exodus. It has a wide and flat design which you can preview in the screenshot below.

The idea with this theme is to make something with a very different appeal than Resurrect, which was urban-inspired. The design of Exodus is wide, flat and somewhat minimal. We want to offer a variety of themes so that there is something for every church.

Exodus Preview

Wide Design

Large desktop displays and high resolution laptop displays are much more common now than just a few years ago. I realized this recently when looking at screen resolution statistics. I found that about two-thirds of desktop and laptop screens in use are 1280 pixels wide or greater.


Church websites with Exodus will be wide for a very large portion of users. The main benefit to them is more space for content. This makes for a more comfortable experience since there can be a somewhat larger font and less scrolling. A wide slider also creates a more dramatic effect. Users with smaller screens will simply see a more narrow version thanks to responsive design (a feature of all our themes).

Flat Design

Something else I wanted to do with Exodus is a truly flat design. What that means is you won’t find single shadow, gradient or any element having an effect that implies depth. This has been a popular trend for a while now and in my opinion it’s one of the most elegant styles ever. Flat design is very distinct and simple. If you want to understand what exactly flat design is, read UX Magazine’s A Look at Flat Design and Why It’s Significant.

A Work in Progress

We’re hoping to have this theme out within the next two months (join our Newsletter for notification). Keep in mind that estimating release dates is hard. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this work in progress.


    • Hi Christian,

      We would be happy to share a Danish translation. Right now we have complete translations for French and Portuguese contributed by other users of Resurrect.

  1. Looking forward to the new theme! I hope to be revamping our church site over the next several months, and this theme sounds like it might be a good place to start.

  2. Hi guys and gals

    Exodus? That’s what we don’t want to happen at church. It struck our administrator and me a little odd. Oh well, time will tell. I’m about to finish up a wordpress site with Resurrect. Like the theme and features. I’m sure to have some questions for your support team along the way.


    • Hi Brad,

      Thank you choosing Resurrect and for sharing your impression of the name Exodus. We chose to honor the second book of the Bible with this theme’s name. We’re all for settings captives free!

      We’ll be glad to help you with any questions you have about using Resurrect: https://churchthemes.com/contact/

  3. Looks awesome ! I’m using the resurrect theme, which is very powerful. I’m sure that Exodus will be great. Can’t wait to see it live !
    Keep working for Him guys !

  4. Steven,

    Once the new theme is released will you have to purchase it separately from Resurrect or will there be an upgrade fee? Was leaning towards Resurrect in the next couple months but I might hold out depending on the development of Exodus and now easy it will be to transition between the two designs.

    • Hi Jarrod,

      Each theme is sold separately so you will probably want to decide which one you prefer most. They both use our Church Theme Content plugin and the features are almost completely the same. The major difference is their appearance.

      I’ll e-mail you a full screenshot of the homepage to help make the decision easier. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  5. Any ETA for this theme? I am close to purchasing Resurrect, but I know as soon as I do this theme will be released. :-)

  6. Hi Steve,

    This new theme looks AWESOME!!!
    I really like the Resurrect theme we purchased from you! Our web site looks 100% better!! Looking forward to seeing your new theme completed! IS it possible to have both themes installed and just switch between Exodus and Resurrect? Just a question.

    Thanks for all you do!!!


  7. Stephen Wreesman

    I saw that ETA for Exodus was April, but I was wondering if you had an update on this. I’m in the midst of building a website for our missions work…I really like Resurrect, but think that this one might work even better based on homepage layout. I need to decide on a theme in the next couple of weeks.


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