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You can add people with bios, pictures and contact information. They can optionally be placed into groups such as staff, deacons, etc.

People Page

First create a page that will list all people.

  1. Go to Pages > Add New.
  2. Enter a title and any content that you want to appear at the top of the page.
  3. Click Document, then…
  4. Under Template, choose “People”.
  5. Optionally set a Featured Image (see Section Banners for related information) .
  6. Click Publish.

Add People Page


Optionally organize people into groups such as staff, deacons, etc. You can then use a widget in the People Sidebar (if available with your theme) to list the groups or link to them from your menu.

  • Go to People  > Groups.
  • Complete the form to add a group.
  • View, edit and delete them on the right.

Manage People Groups


  • There is a People column with a number by each entry. This shows you how many people are in each group. If you click the number, it will show you the people.
  • You can manually control the order of groups with this plugin.

Managing People

Adding a Person

  1. Go to People > Add New.
  2. Enter the person’s name.
  3. Write a bio for the person.
  4. Fill in their details under Person Details.
  5. Click Document, then…
  6. Optionally select or add the Group that this person belongs to.
  7. Optionally click Featured Image to upload a portrait of the person.
  8. Enter a short description for the profile in Excerpt.
  9. Click Publish.
Add Person

How to add a person

Editing and Deleting People

  1. Go to People > All People.
  2. Hover over a person to see the Edit and Trash options.

Edit and Delete People

Ordering People

People are listed in manual order. There is an Order field that you can enter a numeric value into when adding or editing a person. You can use a plugin like Post Types Order for easy drag-and-drop ordering of people.

People Widgets

Go to Appearance > CustomizeWidgets to add people-related widgets to your theme’s widget areas. There are a couple widgets especially useful for people.

  • CT People – list people from one or all groups
  • CT Categories – list people groups (optionally as dropdown)

Read the Widgets guide for more information.

Settings for People

There are settings available in Settings > Church Content > People.

You can also change the number of people shown per page.

People Settings

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