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Section Banners

Some of our themes use what we call Section Banners. In short, what this means is the same image at the top of every page in a section.

  • Exodus and Resurrect will show the image and title. For example, all sermon-related pages might show a picture of a the Bible with title “Sermon Archive” (see an example in Resurrect’s demo).
  • Saved and Maranatha will show the image only and a default image can be set in Appearance > Customize > Header Image.

How to Use

Section Banner OptionWhen you add or edit a page, look for the Featured Image option on the right (when you click Document). It tells you what size image to provide for the banner image (the image will be resized and cropped automatically if the uploaded image has a different size).

By default, the banner (featured image) will show only on that page. In order to make it show on a whole section (related pages), look for Options and check “Show banner on related content”.

Related content is any item set as a child of the page or otherwise in the section the page represents.

  • A simple example is that Page A has a featured image (the banner) and is set to “Show banner on related content”. Page B is added as a child of Page A. Now Page B shows the section banner from Page A.
  • A more sophisticated example is a page using a Template. For example, a page might have the “Blog” template set. This page therefore represents the whole blog section. If “Show banner on related content” is set on this page, then its banner will also appear on blog posts, blog categories, date archives and so on.