"Very well done"
— Justin Tadlock What They Say

Translation Incentive Program

All of our WordPress themes are translation-ready. This means they can be translated into another language. Several translations have been contributed by generous users and are included with the themes for other churches to benefit from. If your language is not already available, and you make a new Translation, please consider contributing it.

What You Get

  • Warm fuzzy feeling knowing you saved another church a lot of time
  • Credit on the theme’s guide (name and link to your website or profile, etc.)
  • A $70 off coupon to use towards the purchase of a package, plugin or upgrade

How to Do It

  1. Check your theme’s guide to see if a translation is not already available
  2. Check the Church Content plugin guide for existing translations
  3. Make your translation following the Translation Guide
  4. Send it to us and we’ll get you your rewards

If you have any questions about this program, please contact us.