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Sneak Peek of Our Next Church Theme

We’ve been hard at work on our next church theme and are close enough to finishing it to give you a taste. Here are a few screenshots to give you a feel for its design. Notable features are a long homepage with a custom background for each section and a “sticky” menu that stays in view as the visitor scrolls. Circular buttons give this theme its special character.

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First section on homepage. Color, image, message and buttons are customizable.


Sermon example in new theme.

There is no set release date for the theme but our goal is to have it out ASAP, so a conservative estimate would be within two months.


  1. As usual – the stuff that you guys are creating look spectacular. I recommend your themes as often as possible. I would LOVE to see a great multi-campus theme with difference homepages created for each location. Just a thought! Keep it up!!

  2. It’s looking good so far. It will help churches to have a fresh look on their websites even if they already have one of your themes.

    May God bless you!

    • We appreciate your encouragement. Churches do often switch to a newer theme. I’d say the shelf-life for the design of a website is 3 – 5 years max. The great thing about WordPress is you can switch themes (if a plugin is used for handling content) instead of paying for a whole new site. You don’t want to switch too often because of the cost and effort but it is good to keep the design fresh.

    • Hi Richard,

      Our goal is to release this theme with optional features for a more sophisticated sermon archive. For example, a listing of the latest series, a listing of all topics, etc.

      It will have footer widgets and an option for showing a map in the footer on all pages (something Exodus does have but not Resurrect). And a “sticky” menu that stays in view while the user scrolls.

    • Thanks Michael. Clean is what we’re going for so I’m glad to hear that’s what you saw.

      Please feel free to post something about churchthemes.com. I saw your post about the Give plugin. I haven’t had a chance to give it a thorough test yet but it sounds great for churches.

  3. Great job Steve! Does this come with a something like a mailchimp newsletter opt-in box?
    Thank you!

  4. You said in an earlier post: “Our goal is to release this theme with optional features for a more sophisticated sermon archive. For example, a listing of the latest series, a listing of all topics, etc.”

    Any chance of adding something like that to Exodus? It’s still a pretty fresh (and outstanding) theme and that would benefit even more with a rev’ed up sermon archive. I get more complements about that portion of the site then any other. Also, if you want a beta tester for that theme, let me know. I would put in on my serverpress set up and beat it up.

    • Hi Todd,

      Yes, it is our intention to update Exodus and Resurrect with the new templates that will be available in the new theme.

      Sermon Topics
      Sermon Series
      Sermon Books
      Sermon Speakers
      Sermon Dates
      Child Pages – useful for listing Ministry pages

  5. Hi Steven. This new theme looks great! How is development going? Are you able to give an updated idea of when it will be released?

  6. So excited for this theme – cant wait to update to it – any idea of the timeframe? Would love to make a switch sometime before the new year!

    • Hi Alex,

      It’s always hard to give a timeframe but it is likely to be this month since the theme itself is done and we’re just needing to finish the demo, sample content, update docs, etc.

      We’ll announce it on this blog and via newsletter.

      Thank you for being interested in it and for using Resurrect!

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