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Resurrect 1.3 and WordPress 3.9

WordPress 3.9 was released yesterday and adds some great new features. Resurrect 1.3 is also available (see Changelog). It’s good to keep WordPress, themes and plugins up to date for compatibility, bug fixes and new features.

Widgets in Customizer

One of the best new features of WordPress 3.9 is widgets in the Theme Customizer. Now you can configure and rearrange widgets while seeing the result in real-time, before publishing the changes for your visitors to enjoy. Resurrect 1.3 takes full advantage of this new feature.

Widgets in Customizer

Homepage Widgets Fix

We updated Resurrect last month to fix an issue (in advance) that would be introduced with the release of WordPress 3.9. If you updated to WordPress 3.9 and never updated to Resurrect 1.2, you may notice the widgets at the bottom of your homepage appearing different than before. Please update now to fix this.

How to Update

Go to Dashboard > Updates and follow the instructions to update both WordPress and the Resurrect theme (see Troubleshooting if you run into a snag).

And yes, Exodus is just around the corner…


  1. Dislike the new picture editing features. Lost is the ability to wrap text. Lost is the ability to frame a picture. Lost is ability to provide a buffer around picture. Will be uninstalling the update.

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