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Resurrect 1.2 Released

Resurrect 1.2 is now available for one-click updating in your WordPress dashboard. This update include several improvements, bug fixes and a compatibility update for the upcoming release of WordPress 3.9.

What Changed

There were more than 20 changes in this fifth update to the Resurrect theme. Here are some of the more noteworthy improvements.

  • Directions buttons now work with the new version of Google Maps
  • A Spanish translation by Elisur Rodríguez Cremades has been included
  • Hovering on an unrecognized a social icon shows the domain instead of “Website”
  • A gap at the bottom of fullscreen background images on iPhone has been filled
  • The new SoundCloud player has been made responsive (resave posts to show new player)
  • The Roboto Google Font has been added as an option (this will be Exodus‘s default font — we love it)
  • ‘Retina Logo’ has been renamed to ‘HiDPI Logo’ in the Customizer
  • Styles have been improved to match the newest version of Contact Form 7
  • Homepage bottom widgets have been made compatible with the upcoming WordPress 3.9 release

You can view the Changelog for a list of every improvement and fix.

How To Update

When you purchased Resurrect, you received a license key and were instructed to enter it while following the Getting Started guide. What this did was make one-click updates available.

If you got to Dashboard > Updates or Appearance > Themes, you will see a notice telling you there is a new version of the theme available. All you have to do to update is click the update button.

Theme Update

We recommend always running the latest versions of WordPress, themes and plugins. Please read Prepare for Updates for the reasons why this is important and a link to a plugin that can email you when new updates are available.


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