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8 Reasons to Try WP Church Host for Free Today

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Update: WP Church Host is not currently accepting new sign ups. Please see our hosting recommendations for our new recommendation.

I am excited to formally introduce WP Church Host, our very own WordPress hosting service tailored specifically to churches. We’ve mentioned it in passing here and there. Now that we’ve had churches give it a good test for a year, we’re ready to tell all of our customers about it. Let me give you eight reasons to try it without having to leave your current host or pay until you’re convinced.

Hassle-free WordPress hosting for churches. That is our motto and this is how we accomplish it for you…

  1. A fast church website. Our cloud-based infrastructure is tuned for WordPress performance. WordPress is pre-installed and caching is built-in (no plugin needed). More speed means more visitors in your pews.
  2. Help with WordPress issues. WP Church Host provides more than hosting. It’s “managed” WordPress hosting. That means we provide support not just for hosting issues but also for WordPress-related issues.
  3. Security made easy. Website backups and WordPress updates are automatic. We provide proactive security monitoring and a free SSL certificate. Enable https:// with just a few clicks. This is critical in 2017.
  4. Utterly reliable. Your church site benefits from 24/7 performance monitoring and DDoS protection. We guarantee 99.9% uptime and scale automatically. Rest easy all day and night knowing your church website is available.
  5. Church website advice. In addition to providing support for hosting and WordPress issues, we provide church website advice. Just send us an email any time and we’ll be happy to give you our best.
  6. We’ll move your site for free. We’ll give you a temporary URL on our hosting then copy your website there so you can experience WP Church Host with your real website in private. Leave your old host only when you’re convinced.
  7. Affordable for churches. Get a 10% discount and pay only $13.50/month. We’re making managed WordPress hosting nearly as affordable as cheap “shared” hosting. No multi-year contracts or surprise price hikes on year two.
  8. It’s risk-free to try. We offer a free trial period so you can test us out before paying anything. And we have a money back guarantee so you can get a refund even after paying. There’s no risk in trying WP Church Host.

Visit WP Church Host for more and to start your trial today.

We hope that by offering themes, plugins and hosting we can make the process of creating and managing a great church website with WordPress an easy and affordable endeavor. It is possible that at some point we will even bundle hosting with themes to make things even easier.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you have about our new hosting service.



  1. What company maintains the infrastructure? Is it another WordPress company like WP Engine, or are you managing servers through someone like Rackspace or Amazon S3?

  2. The features are so cool. But, currently am using another cloud-based hosting company that offers same like this wp church hosting company. Anyway, thanks for your input. Let me try for upcoming hosting!

    • Thanks, Ahad. We think so too! Managed WordPress hosting is a great thing. Not too long ago, shared hosting was the primary option. Now there are all kinds of WordPress-specific options.

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