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— Matthew Snider What They Say

Maintenance Releases — Going 100% SSL


All of our themes and plugins have been updated. The changes include minor improvements and bug fixes. Go to Dashboard > Updates to update. We recommend always running the latest version of your theme, plugins and WordPress for a more stable and secure website. If you haven’t updated to WordPress 4.5 yet, this is a good time (our themes and plugins are compatible).

The primary reason for these maintenance releases relates to our switching to 100% SSL here on churchthemes.com. Now all pages use the https protocol instead of http. This means all data transferred between your browser and our website is encrypted. We formerly used SSL only on sensitive pages like your account area, payment screen and contact form. Now the entire site is covered and we’re one of only 6.5% of sites that score an A+ on SSL security.

As such, our themes and plugins have been updated to use https URLs when interacting with our website. For example, license status checks and updates now make contact over SSL. Other changes have been made, which you can read in each theme or plugin’s changelog by clicking below. The most notable improvements are the adding of an email icon, Romanian for Exodus and enabling of the admin bar on Maranatha. Other changes include bug fixes.

PS. If you want to go 100% SSL, see our hosting recommendations (and read HTTPS for WordPress: Auto-enable SSL for Free). Many hosts now provide free SSL certificates with automatic installation and renewal (and some will move your site for free). This is thanks to the LetsEncrypt project. It is now feasible that virtually all Internet traffic can be transmitted securely because this project has made SSL certificates available for free and in an easy way (two hurdles that have prevented more SSL use).