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— Brad Vos What They Say

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our themes use semantic HTML5 markup with search engines in mind. With that said, search engine optimization has a great deal more to do with the content you provide than with which theme you use (the primary purpose of a theme is to present your content in an attractive manner). There are some plugins and resources we can recommend to help you with optimizing your church website for search engines.

Enable Enhanced SEO

Our Pro-Addon has an “Enhanced SEO” featured that is auto-enabled upon installation. Technically speaking, what this does is add Schema.org structured data using JSON-LD. What that means in plain English is that Google and other search engines can better understand certain parts of your content and thus help improve your visibility on search results.

  • Sermon Video – Sermons with video are marked up for a better view in Google search
  • Events – Events are marked up for people to find on Google search and Google Maps

Also see our Make Your Church More Visible with Google My Business tutorial to get more exposure.

Install an SEO Plugin

We recommend the free SEO Framework plugin to assist you with search engine optimization. Even this excellent plugin is not a complete solution for SEO. You will need to learn SEO strategy to make the most of it. Remember, it’s your content that matters more than anything. An SEO plugin is a must for WordPress but there’s more to SEO than that…

Learning SEO

Give The Beginner’s Guide to SEO a read. Also see Brian Jackson’s WordPress SEO Checklist.