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How should I set my site live by moving it from its temporary location to its final location?

It is common to build a new WordPress site in a subdirectory like yourname.com/new (or similar) then move it to yourname.com, so that the old site remains online while the new site is being made (see our staging guide). After your site is done, you can move it to the final location. Here are some tips:

  • Deactivate your license key first, so you can reactivate it at the new URL.
  • Check with your web host to see if they have a built-in way of doing this on their platform. Some hosts have a “staging” feature that will automatically copy your site. Our recommended host (SiteGround) also has a Move Installation tool.
  • Or, use a backup/clone plugin like Duplicator (see other plugins) to backup then restore to the new location. UpdraftPlus Migrator is also useful.
  • Or, you may want to consider hiring a professional to move it for you.
  • Afterwards, the Better Search Replace plugin can be used to update URL’s used in content (assuming the method you used did not do this already). This is not necessary when using a staging solution or a plugin like Duplicator or UpdraftPlus Migrator. It’s useful when manually moving a site.

Be sure to back up your website before doing these things. The WordPress Codex has a Moving WordPress entry with additional information.