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— Alexander Koper What They Say

Why doesn’t the Gallery widget show anything?

The CT Gallery widget shows the latest photos from one or all galleries. If you have galleries but no photos are showing in the widget, check these things.

  • Make sure the photos you added to your galleries are attached to their respective pages/posts. You can go to Media to see if they are attached or not. If they are not attached, they will not show in the widget when showing from all galleries. You can attach them while in Media. Photos are automatically attached to the page when uploaded directly on that page.
  • Make sure your widget’s setting to show a specific gallery or all galleries is what you expect.
  • Make sure your gallery pages/posts do not have the option checked for “Exclude from gallery”. This is in the Options box at the bottom-right when editing.
  • If you’re using a caching plugin, purge its cache.