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How can I change certain wording?

If you want to change wording for content then edit the content in your WordPress admin area. For example, a page title can be changed by editing the page and a widget title can be changed by editing the widget. There is no need to do anything special in these situations.

To change wording for the sermon post type, see Settings for Sermons. As an example, you may wish to change all instances of “Sermons” to “Messages”. This can be done in settings (Pro users).

Other wording is contained in the theme or plugin itself. It is not common to need to change this text, as it is generic, but if you have a need then you may consider the following approaches.

  • If you are wanting to translate text, you can make a theme or plugin translation.
  • Similarly, you can make an English to English¬†translation¬†to change certain text.
  • You can also make a child theme that changes text strings (requires development knowledge).
  • You can search the plugin directory to see if there is a solution for changing text.

Please let us know what works best for you so we can improve our suggestions.