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— Tanner Moushey What They Say


You can add pages with any content or use a page template to show special content.

Adding a Page

This is how to add a basic page.

  1. Go to Pages > Add New.
  2. Enter a title and content.
  3. Click Publish.
Add Page

How to add a new page

Editing and Deleting Pages

  1. Go to Pages > All Pages.
  2. Hover over a page to see the Edit and Trash options

Editing and Deleting a Page

Header Image

Your theme may support a header image. This will show at the top of the page. To set it, click on Set featured image in the Featured Image box (look toward the bottom of the right-hand column).

Your theme may support a default header image to be shown when a page doesn’t have its own. If so, set this in Appearance > Customize > Header Image.

Page Templates

Pages normally show only the content you enter. When applying a Template to a page, special content is shown instead, or beneath the content you enter. Templates also cause different sidebars to be used (instead of the standard Page sidebar), if the theme has a sidebar area. Our themes typically include templates for the following.

Note: Not all themes have the same templates. Update to the latest version of your theme to be sure you have the most complete set.

Homepage Template

  • Blog – list latest blog posts, use Blog sidebar
  • Child Pages – list child pages having the page as parent (e.g. Ministries)
  • Contact – use Contact sidebar (see Contact guide)
  • Events – Upcoming – list events beginning with soonest, use Events sidebar
  • Events – Past – list events from most recent to oldest, use Events sidebar
  • Events – Calendar – show events in a monthly calendar, use Events sidebar (but it is recommended to hide the sidebar to allow the calendar more space)
  • Galleries – list latest galleries, use Gallery sidebar
  • Gallery – use Gallery sidebar (intended for use on pages showing photo galleries)
  • Homepage – show custom homepage
  • Locations – list all locations, use Locations sidebar
  • People – list all people, use People sidebar
  • Sermons – list latest sermons, use Sermons sidebar
  • Sermon Books – an index of books in the Bible
  • Sermon Dates – a date index for sermons
  • Sermon Series – a chronological listing of sermon series
  • Sermon Speakers – a list of all sermon speakers
  • Sermon Topics – a topical index for sermons
  • Wide Content – show content in a wider format

Note that most templates are intended for use only on one page (e.g. the Sermons template would be used on one page since you should only have one page that lists all sermons).

Child Pages

Read the Child Pages guide to learn how you can create a page that lists things like ministries and testimonies.

Page Options

  • There is an option for hiding the sidebar on a page. See Widgets and Sidebars.
  • Some themes have a feature for showing the same banner (featured image) at the top of multiple pages. See Section Banners.

Adding Pages to Menus

After adding a new page you will probably want to add it to your menu. Read the Menus guide for instructions.