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WordPress includes excellent features for publishing photo galleries. Our themes enhance the display of galleries by making them responsive (mobile-friendly), adding gallery-related widgets and by providing a page template that lists all galleries in one place.

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Galleries Anywhere

You will see an Add Media button above the content editor when adding or editing a page, post, event, location, etc. You might want to create a page specifically for a gallery or show a gallery in a blog post, a tour for a location, photos for an event, etc.

Adding a Gallery

  1. Click where in your content you want to add a gallery.
  2. Click Add Media.Add Media Button
  3. Go to Create Gallery > Upload Files.Create Photo Gallery
  4. Upload your photos then click Create a new gallery.
  5. Drag and drop the order of your photos.
  6. Click each photo to set its title, caption and description.
  7. Choose the number of columns you want.
  8. Click Insert gallery.gallery-edit

Editing a Gallery

Click the gallery in the content editor to cause its Edit and Delete icons to show. You can drag and drop the thumbnails to re-order images as well as edit each photo’s information.

Gallery Edit Button

Individual Photos

Titles and Descriptions

You can set a title (uses filename when not changed), caption (one-liner under the photo) and description (full details; longer than the caption) on each photo. You can do this when creating a gallery or by Editing a Gallery (see above). You can also go to Media in the main menu to edit your uploaded photos’ information.

Page or Lightbox

When the user clicks a photo in a gallery, they are taken to a page that shows a large version of the photo along with any title, caption and description you provide. You can optionally show each photo in a lightbox. When a thumbnail is clicked, the large version of the photo will appear in place. We recommend the Jetpack plugin’s Carousel feature if you want gallery lightboxes.

All Galleries Page

You can create a page that lists all galleries existing on the site. This provides an easy way for visitors to browse all of your photos.

  1. Go to Pages > Add New.
  2. Enter a title and any content that you want to appear at the top of the galleries list.
  3. Under Page Attributes, set Template to “Galleries” (plural).Galleries Page Template
  4. Click Publish.

Excluding Galleries

You can exclude galleries from this page (and the gallery widget) by checking the box under Options for “Exclude from gallery widgets/templates” when adding or editing a page or post that has a gallery.

Exclude Gallery Option

Gallery Sidebar

Gallery TemplateWhen making a regular page with a gallery, set Template to “Gallery” (singular). For themes supporting a sidebar, this will cause the Gallery Sidebar to be used. This way you can show widget specifically relating to galleries.

Note that galleries added to other content (blog posts, locations, events, etc.) will not use this sidebar. Instead, they will use the sidebar matching their own section. For example, a location with a gallery will show the Locations Sidebar instead of the Gallery Sidebar.

Gallery Widgets

You can go to Appearance > Widgets and drag widgets into a widget area.

Gallery Widgets

There are a couple gallery-related widgets available.

  • CT Galleries – list all pages, posts, etc. that have a gallery
  • CT Gallery – show photos from one or all galleries

The CT Gallery widget is useful for showing the latest photos from all galleries on the Homepage.

Read the Widgets guide for more information.

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