"Very easy to use and intuitive"
— Alexander Koper What They Say

Finding Answers Just Got Easier

Question Kid

We decided after finishing the new Exodus theme that it would benefit all to improve our support resources. The first task was to improve Common Questions by expanding and reorganizing them.

I started using a new service recently and had about ten questions over the course of a few days. I was delighted to find they were all answered in a neatly organized and searchable section of their website. This is the experience we want to provide for you.

More Questions Answered

The number of questions answered has almost doubled.

We get many support requests and often see the same questions asked. Our goal from this point forward is to quickly publish concise answers to questions asked more than once. The bigger our database of questions and answers is, the faster you will be able to find solutions. This will also free up more time for us to improve and design new church themes.

Finding Answers is Easier

The Common Questions section existed as a single page listing all questions and answers. We’ve reorganized to help you find answers faster.

  • Questions have been categorized
  • Questions have their own pages which are included in search results
  • Common questions are listed on relevant guides

Next: Screenshots and Videos

We’ll be focusing on peppering the Guides with screenshots and producing video tutorials next. Stay tuned!