"Very easy to use and intuitive"
— Alexander Koper What They Say

Church Website Design Without Hiring a Web Designer

Church Website Design Customization

Custom church website design is an expensive service. In the old days if you wanted a unique look for your church website, you needed web design skill. If you couldn’t code, you had to pay a church website designer to do it for you. Those days are over for many churches.

Our church WordPress themes take advantage of one of the best features in WordPress, the Theme Customizer.

You can customize design elements like colors, fonts, logo and more using the Theme Customizer — no web design skill required. Changes are shown in a real-time preview. This lets you experiment and get everything right before unveiling the design customizations to actual website visitors.

…love the work you did with the customizer! Thomas Griffin, WordPress Developer

We’ve been improving support resources lately. First we made finding answers easier then we added screenshots throughout our guides. Now we’re producing video tutorials to show you how to use our church WordPress themes and WordPress in general.