"...outstanding support!"
— Ivaylo Zhelev What They Say

Our Blog Goes Live

We’ve planned on having a blog from the very beginning. You may have seen the unofficial “launch post” for churchthemes.com late last year on my personal blog. If not, give Behind churchthemes.com a read. I was surprised at the feedback I got on that post. It showed me that people want to know what is going on behind a product. I’ve actually had people tell me that post was the reason they decided to buy Resurrect.

My experience with the unofficial “launch post” made me even more excited about starting a blog right here on churchthemes.com. I want this to be a place of connection between us and those who use or are considering using our themes. I also want it to be a continual sneak peek behind the scenes — an ongoing, interactive story — so you always know we’re here, listening and working hard for you. We want your feedback and we want to improve in every way.

So, what will this blog be about, exactly?

What to Expect

I’ve already loaded up the categories for our blog. You can’t see them in the sidebar yet since no posts have been assigned to them (other than this one) so here’s a list. It will give you an idea of what sort of content you can expect to be published here.

  • News – announcements of all types
  • Themes – new themes and previews of themes in the works
  • Development – updates on new features for our themes and plugin
  • Website Tips – tips for getting the most out of your church website
  • WordPress – general WordPress information and tips
  • Tutorials – tutorials for our themes and WordPress
  • Showcase – a look at live sites using our themes
  • Editorials – opinion and personal type posts

I’ll start off by writing some posts myself (the list of ideas is growing) and hope eventually to get some church website and communications experts on board with additional insight.

Stay Tuned

Please subscribe to our RSS Feed and Newsletter to get the latest posts in your inbox. The RSS feed will provide you with new posts as they happen. Our newsletter will only go out when we have something especially exciting to announce or when we’ve accumulated a nice round of useful blog posts.

Thank you for hopping on board! I hope to see you in the comments letting us know what sort of content you would like to see on our blog…