"...outstanding support!"
— Ivaylo Zhelev What They Say

Adjusted Pricing Goes Into in Effect

The pricing adjustments we announced last month are now in effect. This will help us continue to improve our offerings and provide a high level of support to each customer while we grow. A brief summary of the adjustments follows.

  • Themes now cost $79 (formerly $50)
  • Annual renewal of support and updates is 50% off the current price (formerly $25)

Renewal pricing is grandfathered for all current customers. If you purchased a theme before today, your next renewal will be at the old price of $25.

Please read our post announcing the pricing adjustments and see the updated Pricing page for more information. We appreciate all of you for choosing our themes and especially those of you who were so encouraging about this when we made the initial announcement. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

If you have any questions, just post a comment or send a message.